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Taiwan gets web GIS platform for land management

Taiwan: The Construction and Planning Agency (CPA) in Taiwan launched the web GIS platform, Examination System of Non-Urban Land Development Permission (ESNULDP), for non-urban land development and evaluation. It aims to improve data management and enhance its query system. The CPA is a central government authority, responsible for the national spatial resource planning in Taiwan,

The web GIS platform which they aptly called the “Examination System of Non-Urban Land Development Permission” (ESNULDP) was launched in order to deal with large quantities of cases CPA receives each year.

According to an official statement, Since the ESNULDP needs to manage numerous data, the CPA collaborated with a leading global GIS software provider , to help CPA adopt the necessary technologies needed in order for the agency to meet their goals.

SuperWebGIS, a web server software, was adopted in the system to rapidly integrate various data and publish these resources online. With this technology in place, authorities on examination and the general public can now both browse and query on land information promptly and easily via the internet.

Source: FutureGov