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Taiwan enhances bus transportation using SuperGeo’s expertise

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies assisted the administration of Directorate General of Highways, Taiwan, in establishing, unifying, and integrating the data of bus routes and stations through the internet to provide decision strategies and multiple query functions for the general public of Taiwan.

Since, bus stops belong to different administrations in Taiwan; it becomes difficult for the public to find traffic information which is not well-integrated and distributed via a single platform. Therefore, in 2009, the ‘Highway Bus Information System’ was announced with an aim to encourage the usage of public transportation and enable people to get bus information regarding routes, stops etc.

However, initially the system was not able to satisfy the local government with managing information and enabling users to solve their bus related queries due to discordant formats of bus stops. But, with the help of SuperWebGIS software, the project now aims to investigate and compile the information of bus routes and stops thoroughly nationwide; additionally to comprehensively integrate spatial and attribute data which are related to countrywide operating bus routes of the 1,300 roads.

By accessing the system, the public can query required bus information via the Internet, mobile phones, or telephones and receive references for planning their itineraries. For the government, the ‘Highway Bus Information System’ not only promotes the use of public transportation but also help achieve the goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Source: SuperGeo