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Taiwan conducts GIS mapping of dengue fever outbreak

Taiwan: In a bid to control and eventually curb the rising cases of dengue fever in Taiwan, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) integrated its Epidemic Situation Management System with GIS to assist epidemic control personnel in reporting, monitoring and comprehending epidemic situations instantly.

According to CDC, as of November 2012, a cumulative total of 1,081 dengue cases have been confirmed: 674 cases reported in Tainan City, 391 cases in Kaohsiung City, and 16 cases located in other cities. The rising statistics compared to the previous year prompted the agency to increase their efforts in curbing the potentially deadly disease.

With the Epidemic Situation Management System integrated with GIS, CDC’s epidemic control personnel are able to comprehend mutual relations among dengue fever occurrence, locations and vector mosquito habitats.

The system gives the CDC personnel geographically-referenced information on critical areas where dengue fever incidents are occurring. In addition, the personnel are able to detect epidemic situations instantly by browsing a comprehensive district map which enables them to clearly distinguish whether the dengue fever is primarily caused by vector mosquito habitats.

The system is made-up of a front-end website and a back-end database management function.

The front-end website includes the map toolbar, map switching, map overlaying and data query options.

Meanwhile, the back-end database management functions contain photo uploading, storage of analysis results, case management, theme layer management and many others.

Source: Future Gov