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Taiwan city gets GIS-based real-time bus info system

Taiwan: In order to make Taichung a tourism-friendly place, Department of Transportation of Taichung City Government, Taiwan, in collaboration with SuperGeo has developed a system wherein people can feed their queries about buses; and plan a tour with the real-time dynamic bus information and transfer information.

The tourism and dynamic bus information system is based-on Web-GIS technology. The system helps in publishing the route data, scenic spot data, and the electronic maps of Taichung area stored in the geodatabase (Microsoft SQL Server 2000) via the internet. It aims to enhance the efficiency of the transportation system and further help the development of the tourism in Taichung City.
Integrating the convenience of map manipulation of GIS and the “Smart Multi-Transfer Query Engine”, the system enables the public to easily find out and obtain the needed information for their tour arrangements.

Meanwhile, the company’s press release informed that its CEO, Super Wang, has been invited for National GIS Promoting and Coordinating Meeting, to discuss the development and applications of Taiwan GIS Industry.

The purpose of NGIS Meeting is to promote the national GIS and land information applications in Taiwan, and integrate the spatial data in the whole country to achieve data sharing and efficient use for better decision and policy making.

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