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Taipei Police gets geospatial power

Taipei, Taiwan: The New Taipei Police Department in Taiwan set up a cutting-edge Intelligence Integrated Center (IIC). The centre integrates information provided by the GPS, GIS and 110 hotline telephone reporting system, enabling the precise location of an incident to be pinpointed and the police officers closest to the scene to be quickly dispatched. According to New Taipei Deputy Mayor Hou Yu-ih, total cost of the centre is USD 68.94 million.

The centre will also be able to compile images from more than 13,354 digital cameras in the existing road surveillance system, which will be boosted by an additional 27,000 high resolution cameras by 2014. The image monitoring system automatically matches facial pictures with images in identity card records and other databases, which will help strengthen the ability of the police to identify suspects and track criminal activity.

However, some critics expressed concern that the new surveillance system will put people’s personal privacy at risk, as hackers could gain people’s personal information. Others were also uncomfortable with the thought of being constantly monitored on camera.

Source: Focus Taiwan