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Taipei improves emergency response with GIS

Taipei: In a bid to improve the city’s emergency response capability, the Taipei City Fire Department has developed a GIS-based Incident Command System which will provide first responders with critical information needed to efficiently carry out rescue operations. The system provides a user-friendly interface which integrates spatial information crucial for the city’s Emergency Dispatch Centre to manage and mobilise rescue operations. This includes information derived from digital maps, building and block maps, aerial photographs and water resource maps among others.

The system also features front-end applications to assist users in viewing maps and in integrating relevant information on districts so that local authorities are able to have heightened situational awareness of emergency situations.

The main features of the front-end application allows users to leverage various theme maps, use drawing tools to make decisions regarding the deployment of resources, edit map layers and browse maps quickly with the system’s map navigation function.

Source: Future Gov