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Taipei Bus Information and Transit System in action now

Taiwan: SuperGeo developed ‘Taipei Bus Information and Transit System’ by using SuperWebGIS. The system integrates bus information and scenic spots to provide diverse and real-time information.

Taipei Bus Information and Transit System, constructed by Public Transportation Office, Taipei Government, is one of the best examples of Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS). With the system, bus operators can better manage and raise the operational efficiency of their fleet by bus dynamic information and dispatch mechanism.

Using SuperWebGIS as the map server to publish maps and information about the movement of vehicles, the system is able to integrate complex transportation data from different sectors. The published information is collected from the devices on the buses and analysed with the backend software. The devices on the buses record the movement information, such as coordinates, speeds, directions, time, etc. and send the data to the databases according to its property. Then, various kinds of software on the back end analyse the information and transit the analysis results to the front end for users.

The system works on Windows Server 2003 and Linux as the platform; the system also uses Microsoft Server SQL 2005 and Oracle as the media for saving the digital data.

In other context, SuperGeo has provided two important updates. One is the demonstration of the latest SuperGIS software and applications at booth No. 16 in Map Asia 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Another update from the company is that SuperGIS Desktop 3 now supports French and German languages as well. It was already compatible with the languages like Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.

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