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Tadpole awarded contract to deliver Google Earth based application to BP International

27 February 2007 – BP International has contracted Tadpole Technology to develop a proof of concept application utilising Google Earth. The application will be delivered to BP Group Fire Advisor to improve the management of system integrity and regulatory compliance across all sites, worldwide.

“I am very interested in the potential of this project,” stated Kevin Westwood, Group Fire Advisor at BP International. “Tadpole’s proven expertise in developing innovative geospatial solutions is enabling us to make use of leading edge internet technology to create a detailed map of our sites, linked to the necessary compliance data. Because this system will be accessible by authorised BP personnel from virtually any location on the globe, it will significantly improve our ability to remotely manage site compliance on a global basis and enable us to readily share integrity and regulatory compliance information across international locations.”

Utilizing the Google Earth user interface, the system will provide a digital world map displaying the exact location of all BP sites across the globe. Each BP site will be represented by a point on the map that links to a virtual filing cabinet, displaying up to date site-specific data and compliance documentation.

“Advances in web technology are having a profound effect on the dissemination of geospatial technology and data and Google is among the companies leading the way in providing internet-based access to a wealth of high-quality spatial imagery,” commented Ross Coulman, Business Manager (Process Industries) for the Geospatial Solutions Division of Tadpole Technology.

“By building this system using Google Earth technology we will be able to take advantage of a range of universally accessible tools and data to provide BP with a highly-advanced geospatial solution that truly meets the demands of a multi-national organisation.”

– About BP
BP (https://www.bp.com) is one of the world’s largest energy companies, providing its customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemicals products for everyday items

– About the Geospatial Solutions Division of Tadpole Technology Group
Its experience extends across a range of technical areas, in particular field GIS applications, workflow management systems and geospatial data synchronization technology and is proven within a variety of industry sectors; including national mapping agencies, the utility sector and government organizations. For more information visit www.tadpoletechnology.com/gsd.