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System to monitor natural phenomena in Dubai

Dubai Municipality has set up a Dh2.5 million Dubai Virtual Reference System (DVRS), which can be used to monitor natural phenomena such as earthquakes. The system’s major role will be to provide effective solutions for engineers in the field of surveying and construction, as well as all users of the Global Positioning System (GPS) in the emirate.

This was revealed by Abdullah Ahmed Al Habbai, Head of the Survey Section at the Planning and Surveying Department of Dubai Municipality, who added that the project will be useful for conducting scientific studies by educational institutions and research and study centres, particularly in the field of monitoring natural phenomena such as earthquakes and seismic activities.

He added that the DVRS consists of five continuous operating reference stations located in different areas of the emirate, and a control room with central server at the Dubai Municipality headquarters.

The reference stations are located at Al Qusais, Sheikh Zayed Road, Merqab, Lusayili, and Hatta. Al Habbai said that DVRS will provide an effective solution for various GPS users like construction engineers, contractors, consultants, ports, civil defence and transport authorities.

It has also applications in the fields of geological, mineral and oil explorations.

The specific applications of the system range from navigation and fleet management; providing control for geodetic, topographical, cadastral, photo control and engineering survey including setting outs, detail survey, among others; mapping and geographical information systems; hydrographic activates; and geodynamics, geodesy, monitoring crustal movements (earthquake hazards) and seismic activities.