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Syria, UNDP and ACSAD sign cooperation agreement

Damascus, Syria: Syrian Ministry of Local Administration signed an agreement with the Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD) with the aim to understand the effects of drought in the urban areas, in addition to establishing a network for early warning of natural disasters.

Under the agreement, UNDP in cooperation with ACSAD will organise training workshops based-on the ARCGIS programme and the technique of remote sensing, in addition to analysing the vegetation and the satellite photos related to drought.

Minister of Local Administration Tamer al-Hija said that the agreement will support the natural disasters management in Syria, adding that it will be implemented by the Ministry of Local Administration in cooperation with the UNDP at a cost of USD 2.3 million.

Minister al-Hija said that the project is one of the most important development programmes that would forecast drought and the possible ways of avoiding its risks in a systematic scientific manner.

For his part, ACSAD Director General Dr Rafiq Ali Saleh underlined the importance of the agreement in curbing the possible effects of drought on the agricultural crops, fruit trees and animals.

He indicated that researches conducted by ACSAD focus on producing new species of plants and trees which could resist drought.

Source: DayPress