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Syncline introduces MapCiti Parcel Viewer

Syncline®, Inc., has announced the availability of MapCiti(TM) Parcel Viewer, a hosted mapping service that enables local governments to provide parcel and property information conveniently over the Internet. MapCiti Parcel Viewer allows tax professionals, developers, homeowners, utilities, and realtors to locate and print parcel maps and information remotely from the home or office, rather than having to visit city or town hall. As a result, local governments reduce front-counter traffic and demands upon staff while greatly improving customer service.

As part of Syncline’s MapCiti Web-based mapping service, MapCiti Parcel Viewer provides an intuitive and affordable mapping solution that requires no additional hardware, software or programming. MapCiti Parcel Viewer allows municipalities to quickly and easily create interactive parcel maps using local GIS (geographic information system) data. These maps can then be accessed through an account-specific MapCiti Parcel Viewer link embedded in the city or town’s Web site, allowing site visitors to locate, research and print parcel information using only a standard Web browser.

MapCiti Parcel Viewer provides several features designed to simplify use and to create an efficient process for accessing parcel maps and data:

  • Built-in query forms that prompt users to search by address, parcel ID, or owner’s name
  • Printing option that delivers parcel maps and associated data on formatted property cards
  • Map manipulation tools that allow users to pan, drill down and zoom in and out of maps
  • Administrative console that enables city or town officials to modify parcel maps and implement password security to limit access to specific property information.