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Symbol and LinksPoint to provide emergency mobile tracking solution for the CDC Foundation

Symbol and LinksPoint, Inc. will provide solutions to the centres for disease control and prevention for heightened preparedness to meet challenges to national security and public health. Symbol and LinksPoint are providing the CDC with handheld computing technology to be used in emergency on-site sample collection and tracking in an application similar to that already deployed for evidence tracking at Ground Zero by the FDNY.

As in the evidence tracking and recovery efforts used at Ground Zero, the handheld technology will provide faster data capture rates and decrease data errors. By using GPS technology, the CDC will be able to gather precise location information for samples taken in field investigations, an important element in the geospatial analysis of data. Human error in the tagging of the items as well as the manual input of information into the database is virtually eliminated.

Symbol and LinksPoint are providing both the ruggedized handheld computing technology and software integration required to enable the mobile emergency response teams to record information at precise locations using Global Positioning System (GPS). Each system contains a Symbol PPT 2800 ruggedized PocketPC computer, a LinksPoint GlobalPoint GPS(TM) Receiver, LinksPoint application software, as well as cables and cradles for battery charging and synchronization. Samples are bar coded, time stamped, and location marked automatically using geo-referenced grid map coordinates. The information is synchronized to a host database where the critical attributes of the samples and evidence are logged.