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Swisstopo transits data on cloud

Portland, US: Puppet Labs, open source systems management solutions provider, announced that Swisstopo is using Puppet as its systems management solution for its cloud computing infrastructure. Swisstopo, the Swiss Federal Office of Topography, is Switzerland’s national cartography agency and is responsible for all of Switzerland’s geographical data. In order to make their geodata widely available in both physical and digital forms, Swisstopo chose Puppet to simplify their infrastructure’s transition to the cloud.

Last year, Swisstopo’s Federal Spatial Data Infrastructure (FSDI) team had a 70 percent cloud and 30 percent physical infrastructure. However, cloud computing is not widely used in Switzerland, and with the FSDI’s entirely open source software stack, their system administrators had major concerns about using closed or commercial software.

Puppet allowed Swisstopo to ensure consistency by eliminating operating system accountability problems and improve overall performance by enabling them to delegate different tasks to different servers. Swisstopo also took advantage of Puppet’s community for support; because there were many modules already written for common tasks, the modules required minimal editing to perform on specific operations, allowing them to quickly utilise Puppet for advanced tasks.

Source: www.hpcinthecloud.com