Swift LG appointed as Orion’s UK business partner

Swift LG appointed as Orion’s UK business partner


Richmond Hill, Canada, 18 January 2007 – Orion Technology Inc. has announced that it is forming a partnership with Swift LG. Swift LG will distribute Orion’s out-of-the-box web-GIS software suite, OnPoint, to the public sector, utilities and energy markets in the United Kingdom.

Swift LG is a long-standing supplier of geospatial solutions, land and property administration software and local and central government applications. The company has a proven track record in Geospatial integration with particular expertise in Land and Property applications. Swift’s Consultancy division provides guidance on strategy and practical “hands on” services to major organisations looking to capitalise on existing investments in Geospatial technologies.

Brian Kliner, Head of Swift LG’s Geospatial Division commented: “An OnPoint solution, working in tandem with ESRI’s ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server, gives organisations the power to give their staff and authorised external users an integrated, single point of access to their spatial and non-spatial data. Staff can find relevant street or customer information quickly; generate customized maps, and incorporate maps in their reports. Multi-level joining across multiple data sources and real time data sharing means that keeping external agencies’ as well as your own field or office based staff in the loop is actually achievable. That takes most organisations a considerable step further towards “joined up” working and could even offer them an additional revenue stream as a spatial data provider”.

– About OnPoint
OnPoint allows publishing of GIS data securely over the web to internal staff and/or public FAST. OnPoint’s no programming solution provides enhanced web-GIS capability, reporting, querying and generate URL functions. OnPoint also allows to connect to external databases throughout an organization, turning web-GIS into a true enterprise solution.

– About Swift LG
Swift LG supports clients with standard and customised training in ESRI and MapInfo GIS and is accredited by the UK Association of Geographic Information. Strategic partners include ESRI, MapInfo Corporation, Ordnance Survey, Compuware Corporation and Anite Public Sector. Clients range from smaller district councils to major metropolitan Authorities and Central Government agencies. For more info visit: www.swiftlg.com.

– About Orion Technology Inc.
Orion Technology Inc., based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, is a product development and integration company, specializing in web-GIS. Orion’s focus is on helping organizations incorporate spatial technology into all facets of their businesses. To find out more about Orion solutions, visit www.oriongis.com