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SWEGIS launches RaveGeo-enabled previewer

SWEGIS, a Göteborg-based Swedish GIS firm has launched previewer that is powered with RaveGeo technology for TeleAtlas MultiNet street database. The technology is from Idevio and makes it possible to zoom and pan in the database in real-time in any standard web browser. The user can instantaneously access any part of the database in any scale from country level down to street level in one smooth operation.

The purpose of the demonstrator is to give map data buyers a possibility to try out and investigate the high quality of the TeleAtlas MultiNet database over Sweden.

The previewer also features the new Label Placement capability of RaveGeo; an add-on that prevents text labels from colliding and enhances the readability of the map. The visualisation on top of the RaveGeo Compression and Streaming in the previewer is provided by Starcus.

The previewer runs on web browsers with support for Java 1.1, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Safari for Macintosh and many more. All parts of the demonstrator (the map data, compression, streaming and visualisation) can be customized and/or integrated in other programs.