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Sweden-based Cycore granted Geographic Web Search Patent

Cycore, a dealing in interactive 3D for the Web, announced it has received approval of a 2D and/or 3D spatial Web search methodology patent, originally filed in 1998. The patent, covering the process of searching for nearby businesses and services based on geography, may affect Web search engines that are developing similar technology, making Cycore a player in the Web search industry.

Covering the method for administrating large amounts of data being associated with a spatial/geographic entity, United States Patent No. 6,772,174 and European Patent No. EP1131932 encompasses the enabling of geographic and location search via a local network, a wide area network, a public network or any combination. The computer system represents the output layers to the user by means of a virtual representation of a spatial entity generated by a computer, and the data for generating the layers are administrated by a data communication network.

Different sets of data are represented as different layers that interact and are presented to the user as being superimposed on the representation of the geographical entity, the different layers of data may interact so as to produce a new representation for the user or to initiate actions at systems or items being external to the computer operated by the user.