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Surveying company to map city cemetery

Maryville will soon be adding to their growing list of geographically mapped information throughout the city after council members opted to execute a contract with Midland Surveying. Midland Surveying will be executing a contract with the city to map the only city cemetery — Oak Hill Cemetery. Examples of other mapped city items include hydrants, zoning and land parcel information as well as aerial photography.

The services will cost the city $40,870 — nearly $10,000 less than originally estimated. The reduction comes from the city’s willingness to perform a significant amount of their own data entry, which City Clerk Sheila Smail has already started.

The city already has many other areas mapped through GIS services and that everything will eventually come together in the city’s long-term goal of implementing a web-based GIS that would incorporate all city GIS layered information.

The contract gives Midland seven months to complete their surveying work. The mapping will be saved electronically, with the possibility of printing out copies of the map.