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Survey points to rise in demand for geospatial data

Atlanta, USA, 8 February 2007 – A recent survey of Geospatial Solutions readers has confirmed that geospatial data is in high demand from inside and outside organizations as more and more business and operations managers turn to maps and cartographic intelligence to make better business decisions, manage assets more effectively and service customers and constituents more efficiently.

The questionnaire co-sponsored by TerraGo Technologies, invited Geospatial Solutions newsletter subscribers to answer several questions about enterprise geographic information systems strategies and the use of geospatial information within organizations as well as the community.

More than ninety percent of participants reported that the demand for geospatial data is on the rise within their organizations and almost as many say business partners and others outside their four walls are asking for mapping data too.

According to survey participants, today’s biggest consumers of geospatial data include field personnel, facilities and infrastructure management professionals and emergency responders. Most survey respondents expect those groups to continue utilizing geographic information in the future, while initiatives for enhancing customer service and improving transportation and logistics will increase the demand for data.

Participants also expect geospatial data to grow in use as a business intelligence tool. Outside their organizations, survey participants report sharing geospatial data with a variety of groups including business partners, vendors, educational institutions, customers, citizens and community leaders.

Increasing demand for geospatial data creates difficulties in sharinginformation with a broad array of users, according to participants. Making geospatial data easy to access and use for those with little or no training in GIS was the top problem survey participants reported encountering in their attempts to share information with others.

Survey participants said they need tools that help users effectively utilize mapping information with less intervention from GIS professionals. Almost one in two respondents said they currently spend too much time explaining data and making it useful for non-GIS audiences.

Results of the survey can be viewed in the executive summary available from the TerraGo Technologies website via this link –