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Survey of Pakistan and Norwegian Mapping Authority to conduct a seminar for NSDI

Pakistan: According to a post by Asmat Ali, Assistant Director, Survey of Pakistan on GSDI forum, the Survey of Pakistan has been mandated by the Government of Pakistan to establish NSDI in the country as lead organisation. In this context, organisation will arrange seminar on National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in collaboration with Norwegian Mapping Authority (SK) tentatively in October 2014. The main goal of the seminar is to take onboard all the major stakeholder groups and to have a shared vision for its implementation.

Presently the accessibility to spatial and non-spatial information lying under the control of many public sector organisations is a dilemma as plenty of information such as topography, demography, health, energy, climate, agriculture, biodiversity, water and weather exists in the organisations but it is not shared with other public and private organisations of Pakistan as there is no framework for the discovery and sharing of such information.

The development of Pakistan’s National Spatial Data Infrastructure would be a valuable resource for policy makers, planners, resource managers, researchers, and environmentalists etc to quickly access credible information for analysis based decisions making rather than human judgment.

Source: Survey of Pakistan