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Survey of India to unveil new road maps

Hyderabad, India: The Survey of India (SoI) will be bringing out two different sets of road maps, Open Series Maps and Defence Series Maps, Times of India reported. The printing of the maps is scheduled to begin in June and each of the 5,000 individual topographical maps will show details of every area, its expansion and development. Every individual map will pertain to an area covering 720 sq km, and adheres to a plan using latitudes and longitudes.

The latest WGS-84 (World Geodetic System), the current standard for use in the field of cartography, geodesy and navigation were also adopted, adding to the accuracy of co-ordinates shown in the GPS.

Once ready, these individual maps could be put together for a map of the country, and of specific cities, districts, and states. A new and revised map of the country is necessary for practically all purposes of developmental planning and creating more infrastructures.

J K Rath, deputy surveyor general in the SoI, explained that the names of every new locality and place have been thoroughly verified in the course of the survey. In fact, surveyors have gone by the local pronunciation of the name of a place and not by the spelling that could appear in revenue records. The maps will thus have in print, what the locals want the place to be referred as rather than the official name in revenue records.

Source: Times of India