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Survey of India slams Google, again

India: A senior government official has branded Google as a repeat offender. The Company ran into trouble with Indian authorities earlier this month over a contest to update its maps service. Additional surveyor-general of India RC Padhi was the first to raise the issue and filed a police case which may be transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation. In an interview to an Indian daily he said that it does not seem to be a case of ignorance but one of wilful violation of local laws.

Speaking to ET he said, “Google organised a competition where the public could participate and announced some incentives with a disclaimer that if users violate any law of the land, they will be responsible and not the company. This is improper.”

He also said that the Internet giant did not take any approval from the government. “And since we (Survey of India) are the custodian of geospatial data, we were compelled to take action. We don”t have anything personal against the company,” he added.

RC Padhi further stated that SoI does not know anything about the information Google has collected. “That is why we referred the case to the police asking them to investigate. We are not the investigating agency,” he explained.

Source: ET