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Survey of coastal areas in Bahrain all set to begin

An environmental survey of all of Bahrain’s coastal zones is expected to start early next year, it was announced recently. The aim is to study damage on Bahrain’s coastal areas and develop a strategy to manage such areas.

The survey, being conducted by the Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife, will use satellite pictures and field research as well as economical and social indicators to measure sustainable development. The survey results will then be analysed using GIS.

“This will help ensure that any future projects planned in the kingdom do not affect our coastal environment,” said commission president and Southern Governor Shaikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa. “Land reclamation has meant that the northern and eastern area of the mother island Bahrain has been increased by seven per cent since the Seventies,” he said.

However, Shaikh Abdulla noted that there still remains many projects which had a negative impact on the coastal environment in Bahrain. He pinpointed reclamation projects that have been carried out in Tubli Bay, Zinj, Abu Ghazala and Adhari.

“The decision to reclaim and sell lands at the area wasn’t carried out professionally and from an environmentalist point of view,” said Shaikh Abdulla. “But who to blame since there was no concerned authority to monitor and issue laws to limit such practices,” he said. The survey, said Shaikh Abdulla, aims to study the damage on coastal areas and “put things on the right track.”