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Surat Municipal Corporation makes its Web GIS services public

India: Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) from the state of Gujarat, India has launched a GIS portal for the public to gain access to Town Planning maps and to apply for development permissions for a plot or a property. This newly launched initiative is available to public at https://gis.suratmunicipal.org/. Users can register using a mobile number and a valid email address to access the services.

Surat Municipality Gujarat India GIS System - Property and Land Taxation and planning

The project is conceptualised, developed and implemented as per the NUIS guidelines, covering area of 326 square kilometres. The datasets that form part of the online mapping application are infrastructure, utilities, property boundaries and slum maps at a scale of 1:500. This in one way provides a Land Information System (LIS) gateway for town planning, development and building permission management for efficient administration.

The complete set of utility network such as electric utilities including steer lights, water, sewerage and drainage network data is also made available via this application. Also, the slum GIS-MIS system as per RAY guidelines forms an integral part of this system.

The two modules open to public are the Town planning and Development permissions modules. While the Property taxation module, which is not open to public, provides up-to-date information on taxation status and related details.

The Town Planning module provides facilities such as plot search for a particular town planning scheme or a village, generate redistribution and valuation statements. Additional data and plans related to Zones, Wards, Town Planning schemes and Villages is also made available in the portal.

Under the Development Permission module, the details related to building permissions for plot numbers, Developer’s and their details related to various plots,status of various building permissions issued are made available.

The Web GIS application is developed on top of IGiS web viewer 1.1 from Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd. A video is made avialable by Surat Municipality on this project is available here.