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SuperWebGIS develops ‘Recreation and Living Web’

Taiwan: SuperGeo has developed ‘Yilan Recreation and Living Web’ by using SupeWebGIS for tourists visiting Yilan County, Taiwan. The website enables users to query travel and spatial information in an easy way via Internet without installing any plug-ins. Based on WebGIS technology, the website adopts SuperWebGIS as the map server platform, Microsoft Access as the database and utilises ASP.NET and Java Script, etc.

The user interface of the website is easy and friendly. Tourists only need to use basic and intuitive navigation tools, like zoom in/out, pan, etc. and can view the map clearly and effortlessly. Unlike other tourist guides which display the query results as static texts, numbers and pictures; the query function in Yilan Recreation and Living Web provides real-time video and multimedia and lets users get the latest information of the sight.

In another context, the company has announced that it will release SuperWebGIS 3 on August 16. In his speech at Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Super Wang, CEO of SuperGeo Technologies said the RD team will focus on enhancing server products, such as SuperWebGIS, SuperGIS Server, and Image Server, to increase work efficiency for enterprises, which demand for professional and effective spatial analysis to make better decisions.

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