SuperWebGIS 3 supports commonly-used Geodatabases

SuperWebGIS 3 supports commonly-used Geodatabases


Taiwan: SuperWebGIS 3 supports several common geodatabases, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Spatial, Oracle Spatial 10i/11g, announced SuperGeo. It is a map server software enabling enterprises to deliver dynamic maps and GIS data to the Internet.

The company said that large quantities of data were always a problem in executing the large-scale WebGIS plans. Geodatabases, therefore, becomes increasingly important and necessary in solving this problem. And, with the help of SuperWebGIS 3, users can read the spatial data from the Geodatabases mentioned in SuperWebGIS Mapper without installing any other plug-ins in the server.

Meanwhile, the company has also informed that its CEO, Super Wang, has been invited to be one of the judges for ‘GIS Innovative Application Award’, in the International Conference of Innovative GIS Applications to be held by Taiwan GIS Center (TGIC).

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