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SuperWebGIS 3 released globally


SuperGeo Technologies’ Internet map server software SuperWebGIS 3 has been released globally. SuperWebGIS 3 assists enterprises in publishing dynamic maps and spatial data to the Internet. Compared with SuperWebGIS 2.x, SuperWebGIS 3 has the highly scalable framework, complete GIS objects, and various types of website templates, which can help enterprises to publish, display, and share the spatial data in the corporate intranet or the Internet and improving the enterprises’ competiveness and efficiency.

Additionally, SuperWebGIS 3 enhances the interoperability with geodatabases and OGC standards. SuperWebGIS 3 supports numerous commonly-used geodatabase, such as Microsoft Access, MS SQL Server 2008 Spatial, and Oracle 10i/11g. Thus, it would be more convenient for users to access the spatial data, and the usability of the data can be raised. As to OGC standards, SuperWebGIS 3 supports various map services conforming to OGC standards, like WMS, WFS, WCS and so on. The cross-platform, cross-domain, cross-system SuperWebGIS 3 can help you to achieve the goal of sharing the data.

SuperWebGIS 3 supports a number of client-end applications; client-end users can utilise SuperGIS Desktop, SuperPad, and commonly-used browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc to use the services published by SuperWebGIS.

Source: Supergeo