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SuperSurv 3.2 Beta Launched for Intuitive GIS Data Capture

Taiwan: Supergeo, global provider of GIS software has launched SuperSurv 3.2 (Android) Beta for its users. The new app boasts improved query and waypoint efficiency practical functions, enhanced user interface and more practical functions, providing users with a more intuitive manipulation environment.

Designed for field data capture, SuperSurv integrates with GIS and GPS technologies to render useful GIS functions like Map Display, Measure, Query and supports line, point and polygon data collection in both offline and online modes.

Supersurv query result

The Hyperlink Query function supports users to open video, photo, text file or website through file path or website address that is pre-entered in the attribute fields. With this, users can view the attributes of features in a time-saving way without typing again and again to search for the related information with mobile devices.

Users can also specify a field and show the contents of the field as feature labels on the map. This allows users to easily recognise each feature and its attributes rapidly in the customised form. While the official version is expected to be released on Google Play in September 2014, the trial version is available on the website.

Source: Supergeo