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SuperMap iServer Java 6R SP1 released

Taiwan: SuperMap announced that the English version of SuperMap iServer Java 6R(2012) SP1(V6.1.1) is available now. Based on JavaEE and SuperMap Objects Java 6R, SuperMap iServer Java 6R is an enterprise GIS server and service GIS development platform. As a part of SuperMap Universal series, SuperMap iServer Java 6R provides GIS capabilities in the form of services to meet various demands from both of governments and companies, and the web GIS application. The types of services include REST, and OGC (e.g. WMS, WFS, WMTS).

New Features for SuperMap iServer Java 6R(2012) SP1 include:
● Added product package for 64-bit Linux
● Added product package for 64-bit Microsoft Windows
● New support for Asianux Server, Kylin OS Server, CentOS, as well as the middleware of GlassFish.
● New support for publishing WCS 1.1.1, WCS 1.1.2 services
● New support for the Transaction operation of WFS 1.0.0
● New support for GeoRSS representation
● New support for publishing nautical chart services
● New support for aggregating TianDiTu services
● New support for aggregating SuperMap Cloud services
● REST map services and WMS services support dynamic projection
● New support for interpolation analysis, including dot density, inverse distance weighted, Kriging and Spline interpolation
● New support for 3D point, line and area query
● New support for 3D point, line, model symbols and external symbols
● New support for 2D cache format (5.0), applicable to both 2D maps and 3D scenes
● New support for dynamic update of network datasets
● Token security mechanism supported by clusters
● Added support for WMS service addresses compatible with Deskpro
● Added Html5 representation for map services, which supports panning and zooming operations on touch terminals
● New support for making a memory array thematic map on the client
● Completely integrated with iClient series.
● New support for publishing data with the 64-bit integer field so as to enlarge the storage space.
● New support for configuring the simple cache. The precaching service supports creating simple map caches
● 3D services on the client side support dynamically loading 3D data from the workspace
● The GET operation of the REST service supports the conditional request so as to optimize the network transfer and improve the response speed.
● The management capability supports the backup and restore of the configuration information of the server, and supports the management of the DSS extension.
● New support for http caching on the server, which can be managed in server configuration and improve performance
● New support for editing the text dataset, CAD dataset and tabular dataset

Source: SuperMap