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SuperMap GIS Conference 2011 concludes in Beijing

Beijing, China: With the theme, “Embrace the GeoCloud Innovation”, SuperMap GIS Conference 2011 (SGC 2011) concluded in Beijing with the presence of about 4,000 participants. Through the Conference, SuperMap shared various success stories and mature solutions in different industries.
The SGC 2011 was supported by scores of Chinese government agencies, associations and institutes, including National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information, Ministry of Water Resources, China Meteorological Administration, National Bureau of Statistics of China, etc. It was the 9th session of SGC, with the 1st one held in 2000.
During the first day’s plenary session, Dr. Zhong Ershun, Board Chairman of SuperMap, gave a keynote speech on “Innovate GIS£¬Embrace Future” in the opening Ceremony. After the speech, SuperMap announced the release of SuperMap GIS 6R (2012) and SuperMap GIS Cloud Service Portal. As the latest version of SuperMap GIS 6R series, SuperMap GIS 6R (2012) has made great breakthroughs in supporting open cloud services, seamless integration of 2D and 3D GIS, easy application integration and service aggregation capabilities, smooth displaying on the client side, strong data processing capacity on desktop, and innovative GIS application development models. It provides more cloud-enabled choices and supports for clients in this new Cloud Era. It is another revolutionary technology from SuperMap after Cross-platform GIS, Service GIS and Realspace GIS. It also includes the first real 64-bit Service GIS Platform software – SuperMap iServer 6R (2012) – over the world. SuperMap GIS Cloud Service Portal is created for both developers and clients to obtain Geo-PAAS, Geo-DAAS and Geo-SAAS. Several government officials, academicians and professionals attended the release ceremony and gave welcome speeches.
As a user representative, Weigang Yang, Deputy Chairman of Hunan Province and Deputy Director-General of Land and Resources Bureau of Hunan Province, gave a theme lecture on “Digital Hunan Geospatial Framework Planning”. As an expert of Cloud Computing, Deyi Li, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a theme lecture on “Cloud Computing: to Make GIS Fly”. Guanfu Song, CEO of SuperMap, and some other senior executives subsequently gave the details of SuperMap GIS technology and application development and prospect in Cloud Era, SuperMap GIS Cloud Service, and new features of SuperMap GIS 6R (2012). Hayashi, CEO of SuperMap Japan Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on “Japanese GIS Industry and SuperMap GIS Application”.
The next session of SuperMap GIS Conference will be held in 2013.
Source: SuperMap