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SuperMap Enhances the Evolution of AI GIS in 2019 GTC

GIS Software Technology Conference 2019 (hereinafter as “2019 GTC”) was held in Beijing from 30 Oct to 1 Nov, with the theme of “Geo-intelligence, Deep Evolution”. The GTC focuses on the evolution of new technologies, new ideas, and new models, shares the international latest research results and innovative solutions of GIS, conducts peak dialogues, and jointly explores new trends in the development of industry with leaders and experts from government agencies, research institutes, universities and enterprises in countries and regions around the world.

As the host, SuperMap, a leading GIS platform manufacturer, launched the latest product “SuperMap GIS 10i” on the conference. SuperMap GIS 10i integrates AI technology, and further innovates Big Data GIS, New 3D GIS, Cloud Native GIS and Cross Platform GIS to establish a five key technologies system of “BitCC” for GIS platform software.

Dr. Song Guanfu, president of SuperMap, introduced and interpreted the AI GIS in his report “GIS Evolution: Exploring AI GIS” at GTC. In his view, GIS has been innovating technology to evolve and promote the development of geo-intelligence. This year, SuperMap has newly added the AI GIS technology based on the original “CCTB” (Cloud Native GIS, Cross platform GIS, New 3D GIS and Big Data GIS) to built the current technology system “BitCC”. Among them, AI GIS technology is becoming the most promising technology and will be widely used in many fields.

AI GIS, previously understood as GeoAI, which is the spatial analysis and processing of AI and GIS. However, with the increasing demands of technologies, the connotation of AI GIS has benn further expanded. Dr. Song Guanfu, unveiled the AI GIS as the trilogy of GeoAI, AI for GIS, and GIS for AI.


With the continuous development of spatial statistics, spatial machine learning, and spatial deep learning, various analysis operators are constantly being proposed to help solve more and more problems, for instance, spatial hotspot analysis, spatial density clustering analysis, and forest-based regression analysis, etc. And the spatial deep learning operator focuses on image data analysis and provides functions such as target detection, scene classification, binary classification, and objects classification, that can be used in image buildings, road extraction, land use classification, and local climate division in cities.

Dr. Song Guanfu also introduced that machine learning applications generally include three main processes: data preparation, model construction, and model application. SuperMap AI GIS can provide users with complete AI model construction process tools to better meet the AI application requirements of users.

AI for GIS

In AI for GIS, Song Guanfu demonstrated a series AI applications. For instance, the use of AI for spatial data attribute collection, which can quickly help city managers to complete intelligent information collection, identify targets in real time, and reduce manual works.

The following video shows how to achieve indoor mapping with one mobile phone loading a 2D and 3D integration mobile GIS APP-SuperMap iTablet. As applying the visual fusion inertial navigation positioning technology, AI voice manipulation, intelligent recognition of gesture bones, the “sound” control and “body” control can be achieved.

GIS for AI

Simultaneously, GIS is continuing to empower AI. By further processing and analyzing AI recognition results in GIS, it can bring many new applications. For instance, the combination of geo-fencing real-time alarm technology and AI-recognized traffic flow monitoring can be used for traffic data monitoring, urban management information visualization, and other applications of case tracking and deck vehicle identification.

In the end, Dr. Song Guanfu said that the application of AI is just a start, and is still in the stage of “Narrow AI”, and will continue to develop into the stage of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in the future.

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