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SuperGIS supports digital map management

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies assisted SMAP Technologies – a digital map supplier in managing and categorising a large sum of data. SuperGIS Desktop enabled SMAP to download the data from the server to SuperGIS Desktop and directly modify maps and subsequently improve the accessibility and management of digital maps as well as the competitiveness among its counterparts.

In the past, for map digitisation, cartographers needed to store the imagery and various types of data which were requiring a standalone computer to draw maps. However, in this way, the enterprise had to repeatedly purchase the same data for multiple cartographers; also, the computer performance was poor due to large quantities of spatial data. In order to solve these problems, SMAP adopted SuperGIS Server as the centralised platform of data storage, management and distribution. All of the data that would be needed in the mapping process are integrated to the server.

The company claims that offering a combination of abundant GIS tools and an efficient environment where cartographers can display, edit, manage and query the spatial data and related information, SuperGIS Server effectively integrate and manage all of the needed files and data and publish the data through the Internet. In this way, the cartographers can apply the client applications supported by SuperGIS Server, like SuperGIS Desktop. Meanwhile, SMAP can considerably simplify the data management and cut the costs.

Source: SuperGeo