SuperGIS Spatial Analyst supports Thiessen Polygon

SuperGIS Spatial Analyst supports Thiessen Polygon


Taiwan: SuperGeo announced that SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 2 supports Thiessen Polygon. Thiessen Polygon is an analyst method to estimate the average rainfall, average run-off in a certain area, etc. The feature of Thiessen Polygon is to use the specified sample points to divide a flat surface into polygons. Each polygon only contains one sample point. The distance between any location inside the polygon and the sample point is closer than the distance between that location and other sample points in other polygons.

With the analyst method, analysts can estimate the average volume in each area more accurately when they do not have enough observation points.

In another context, the company has announced that KÖKLÜ Müh.  is its official reseller in Turkish market.

Source: SuperGeo – Link1 and Link2