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SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3 enhances spatial modeling

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies introduced SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3, a spatial processing tool working with SuperGIS Desktop 3.1, to complete advanced spatial analyses and tasks. Designed for deriving information from geo-applications, the newly developed SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3 provides users with various analysis methods such as geographic attributes and geometry relationship. 
To greatly enhance the operating performance and the precision of data analysis, Spatial Analyst 3 adopts the new development engine and whole new algorithms, which gives users more flexibility and capability to accomplish analysis tasks. This extension tool also includes innovative built-in spatial models, such as distance analysis, interpolation analysis, generalisation analysis and local analysis.
With Spatial Analyst 3, users can create, analyse and query raster data for a wide range of applications, inclusive of terrain hydrology, environmental protection, facility management, medical resource distribution and infectious disease analysis. According to SuperGeo, the brand new Spatial Analyst is expected to be released in Q1 2012 with better pricing.
Source: SuperGeo