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SuperGIS Server enhances pollution control in Taiwan

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies announced that Environmental Pollution Control in Taiwan developed a web GIS, ‘Yilan Pollution Control GIS’, using SuperGIS Server. It aims to effectively manage and control the pollution data and distribution in Yilan.

The SuperGIS Server collects and display different layers of data, such as marine pollution simulation display, air pollution simulation display and GIS manipulation (adding annotations on the map). It enables enterprises to build, manage, integrate, and publish various GIS services within the centralised server structure.

In addition, SuperGeo SuperGeo announced that the University of Sharjah in United Arab Emirate (UAE) utilised SuperGIS Desktop 3 for the research and teaching of geospatial information. Since the geospatial industry in the Gulf Region has been growing rapidly in the past years, SuperGeo is also planning to organise Middle East User Conference in the near future to spread the applications of SuperGIS to a further level.

Source: SuperGeo – Link1 & Link2