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SuperGIS Server 3 passes OGC compliance test

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies announced that SuperGIS Server 3, a server-based GIS software, passed OGC official compliance test. Granted the official certification of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), SuperGIS Server 3 supports Web Map Service (WMS), Web Coverage Service (WCS), and Web Feature Service (WFS) standards, which are defined by OGC. These standards allow the map data from diverse resources to be seamlessly integrated on the Internet. Now, users can access the map services by using browsers or the applications supporting OGC standards.
As SuperGIS Server OWS website is being created, WMS, WFS, and WCS services will be published simultaneously. In general, users need to employ specific front-end applications to obtain these types of map services. According to company’s press statement, users with SuperGIS Desktop 3 and SuperPad 3 can employ the 2 front-end applications to access the OGC web map services published by SuperGIS Server and directly read WMS and WFS services.

Meanwhile, the company also announced that Malaysia Koperasi Ladang selected SuperGIS Desktop 3 through Satscanner Sdn. Bhd., SuperGeo’s sub-dealer in Malaysia. Koperasi Ladang is a commercial arm of PKPKM, a N.G.O. of smallholders with more than 100,000 members through out Malaysia. It provides various agriculture-related activities, such as estate management, palm oil nursery, and trading of agriculture products.

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