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SuperGIS Desktop 3 to support health research in Japan

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies announced that National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan, selected SuperGIS Desktop 3 to improve the research outcome and disease control of infectious viruses and diseases.

After the World War II, Japan suffered from various infectious diseases from different countries. In 1947, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases was established under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, focusing on the applied research in infectious diseases and public health development.

Observing the successful experience of Taiwan Center for Disease Control which applied SuperGIS software to the study of disease distribution and medical resources management, the Department of Virology in National Institute of Infectious Diseases consulted with Information & Science Techno-System Co., Ltd, SuperGeo’s reseller in Japan, to install SuperGIS Desktop 3, which supports the researchers to learn more from the distribution of infectious viruses and diseases by GIS technologies.

SuperGIS Desktop 3 classifies and visualises complex disease data on map layers, assisting the researchers in the surveillance and management of diverse virus information. The attribute data can also be displayed clearly in dissimilar locations in unique colors, so that the officials can watch the prevention result and cure rate easily. Further medical measures and policies can therefore be designed in a systematic way.

In addition, SuperGeo announced that the company now provides complete GIS workflow integrating Server GIS, Desktop GIS, and Mobile GIS platforms. The complete map server functions in SuperGIS Server 3 can efficiently create, manage, integrate, and publish multiple GIS services, which assist enterprises in centrally managing a large quantity of spatial data and decreasing the costs of data storage. Front-end users can use Web browsers, SuperPad 3, or SuperGIS Desktop 3 to browse and even edit the maps distributed by SuperGIS Server 3.

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