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SuperGIS Desktop 3 to enhance land planning in Italy

Italy: SuperGeo Technologies announced that Municipality of Recanati in Italy purchased SuperGIS Desktop 3. The municipality aims enhance its service planning and development of land and buildings, using this software. The procurement is contributed by Helix S.r.l., the exclusive distributor of SuperGeo in Italy.

Located in the Province of Macerata, Marche Region (the central part of Italy), Recanati is a famous city with long history and culture development. Under the Municipality of Racanati (Comune di Recanati), the department of Service Planning of Private Land and Building (Servizio Programmazione Territorio ed Edilizia Privata) selected SuperGIS Desktop 3.

Using the desktop GIS software, users can import and overlay map layers, and they can get a clear picture on the land use and development of the desired area. Further, the data analysis and processing functions of SuperGIS Desktop 3 can help the officials to visualise and analyse the attribute data on the map, eventually contributing to policy making and planning in an effective way.

In addition, the company announced that TMS Technologies developed Taipei City ATIS Web using SuperWebGIS software. It is the website of Taipei City Department of Transportation. The software enabled users of the website to get real-time traffic information of Taipei.

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