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SuperGIS applied to Recreation Potential Analysis Model

Taiwan: To strike a balance between conserving natural environment and resources, as well as to comply with the public’s need for recreation, SuperGeo developed Recreation Potential Analysis Model for Natural Recreation Site. The model aims to do analysis and integration comparisons of estimated values of diverse resources. Accurate and rigorous data can then be produced as important references to select the most suitable recreation site.  

The extent of the project covers Taiwan Zhong-gan river mainstream and its three branches.

SuperGIS Desktop and SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst have been used in the project to assist the related staff in doing the statistics and estimation of natural recreational resources, landscape resources and creature resources within the study area. On the contour maps, the spatial distribution of each estimated value can be displayed. Hence, users can clearly find the spatial range suitable for the recreation area.
Meanwhile, the company has made two major announcements. First, the company’s mobile GIS software products, SuperPad 3 and SuperField 3, now support two more languages, Russian and Arabic. Second, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has selected SuperGIS series software to carry out applied scientific research to contribute to the economic and social development for Kuwait. By means of the effort of International Integrated Environmental Services Ltd. (IIES), SuperGeo’s distributor in Kuwait, the Geo-Informatics Center at KISR purchased SuperPad (full function mobile GIS), SuperGIS Desktop (professional Desktop GIS) along with several SuperGIS extensions.

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