SuperGeo’s software in research and tourism

SuperGeo’s software in research and tourism


Taiwan: SuperGeo announced that National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science (NILGS) in Japan has selected SuperPad 3 Mobile GIS Software. In addition, Yilan Bike Navigation System in Taiwan have selected SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 software.

NILGS has selected SuperPad 3 to assist field surveyors in data-collection. With the upgraded functions like enhanced GPS support, professional editing functions and advanced attribute editing function, NILGS is able to record and collect the data of land resources, grassland growth and distribution, in order to research on environment and feed for the livestock.

Yilan, located at Northeastern Taiwan, is surrounded by Syue Mountain Range, Central Mountain, and Pacific. In recent years, Yilan County Government has planned numerous bike routes. Hence, for the conveyance of tourists, Lanyang Institute of Technology has planned to design and develop a Yilan Bike Navigation System with SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.

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