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SuperGeo to release SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3.0

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies announced that SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3.0 will be released by end of January, 2012. It will offer a range of spatial modeling and analysis algorithms and a user-friendly interface to help users accomplish massive and complicated spatial analysis tasks.
With SuperGIS Spatial analyst 3.0, users can handily access the functionality of the integration of vector and raster data, analysis of spatial relationship, best location search, analysis of service area, multiple layer query, and statistics of raster data, etc.   SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3.0 not only supports to import point, line, polygon, and raster data for specific functions, but also carries out hydrologic analysis. Hydrologic analysis contains basin, fill, flow accumulation, flow direction, flow length, sink, snap pour point, stream link, stream order, and watershed, which allows users to perform the data in various formats and perform comprehensive spatial analyses.
Integrating Spatial Analyst 3.0 with SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 is required to satisfy and achieve varied requirements of spatial modeling and analysis.
In addition, the company also announced that it will co-exhibit with its reseller in India- RSI SOFTECH at Geospatial Forum 2012 during February 7-9, 2012 in Gurgaon, India. At this exhibition, SuperGeo will introduce its GIS innovations to fulfill local industrial requirements with the comprehensive and customizable GIS products and services. The showcase includes SuperGIS Server 3.0, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1, and SuperPad 3.0a. Furthermore, visitors will have the opportunity to see experience the new geospatial mobile-based applications, such as SuperSurv 3, with Android mobile devices.
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