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SuperGeo to help public lighting facility in Brazil

Brazil: SuperGeo and its reseller in Brazil, ENGESAT team, assisted Engeluz in optimising public lighting facility management in the country. Engeluz is an electrical engineering company which provides services and solutions to local governments to maintain and preserve governmental properties.

Apart from providing mobile GIS system for developing public lighting system, Engeluz also offers various methods to monitor and conserve the public lighting system to improve its efficiency.

In this project, mobile GIS application plays an important role in helping the local government recognising locations of public lights and electric energy consumption, carrying out system maintenance, and optimising resource usage.

To establish a mobile GIS system to meet governmental requirements, ENGESAT team supported Engeluz to adopt SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3 and develop Engeluz SGIP-Mobile application with camera and basic GIS manipulation functions. This enabled surveyors and administrators to collect field data through handheld devices such as PDA to fulfil any GIS task.

With complete GIS and GPS functions, Engeluz SGIP-Mobile GIS application will enable field workers to update the current status of lighting facilities by adding attribute data and pictures.

Source: SuperGeo