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SuperGeo tech enhances health services in Taiwan

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies announced that the Public Health Bureau of Miaoli County Government in Taiwan selected its internet map server software, SuperWebGIS, for its web-based GIS application, Miaoli Health Resource Web. The application integrates various health evaluation and education data, helping the public to query health information in a convenient and interactive way.

The website mainly provides three types of information: public health information query, interactive personal health evaluation and health education. With the integration of map display and database, the citizens can query the statistics data on causes of death in recent years in each town through the web browsers and get the further health information.

SuperWebGIS acts as the map server software that can help enterprises publish the dynamical maps and GIS data over the Internet. The highly extensible structure and spatial database support allow SuperWebGIS to meet all the enterprises’ needs in publishing, displaying and sharing spatial data. The supported spatial databases in SuperWebGIS include Personal Geodatabase (MDB), Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Spatial.

Meanwhile, SuperGeo also announced that Brazil-based GEOTOPO procured SuperGIS Desktop 3 for its topographic and geospatial project services. According to SuperGeo’s press statement, its Brazilian business partner, ENGESAT, recommended SuperGIS Desktop 3 when GEOTOPO was looking for a fully functional and cost effective GIS product.

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