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SuperGeo targets Indian defence market

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies announced its latest partner in India- RSI SOFTECH, to distribute SuperGIS series software, especially in the defence and military market in India. The company is also considering organising SuperGIS training programmes for RSI SOFTECH team. “We hope to promote GIS knowledge along with SuperGIS series products in India, and to construct further collaborations with more local enterprises soon.” said Jason Liang, Sr. Channel Sales Manager at SuperGeo.

RSI SOFTECH is based in Hyderabad, India. It focuses its services on the domains of GIS, cadastral surveys, remote sensing, digital photogrammetric and mapping applications. In addition to major clients including Indian Armed Forces, Home Land Security agencies and Department of Space, RSI SOFTECH also serves a wide range of markets covering agriculture, business, engineering, telecommunication and transportation, etc.

Meanwhile, the company announced that SuperGIS Server 3 now supports to publish KML services and assists enterprises in enhancing map sharing and display performance. SuperGIS Server 3 is enterprise class map server software developed by SuperGeo Technologies, assists enterprises in building, managing, integrating, and publishing multiple GIS services in the centralized server framework. Multiple types of spatial data and images can be published to the Internet as GIS services; front end users are able to directly navigate the map services published by SuperGIS Server with SuperGIS Desktop, SuperPad and web browsers.

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