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SuperGeo releases SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 Beta

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies released SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 Beta, the latest desktop GIS software of SuperGIS 3 series products, for the worldwide users’ evaluation. Based-on the new SuperGIS Engine 3, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 provides more efficient GIS tools to assist GIS professionals in displaying, editing, managing and analysing spatial data. Containing all the functionality offered by SuperGIS Desktop 3.0, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 greatly improves its performance and provides numerous editing tools. 
SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 includes Standard and Professional editions. The Professional edition further supports Topology Analyst, geodatabase management and VBA customisation.
Topology Analyst not only assists users in validating and displaying topological relationship for spatial data, but also in editing and fixing maps effectively. In geodatabase management, users can read and edit the vector data in database. With the built-in VBA customisation tools, engineers can develop the GIS tools by themselves to build their own GIS platforms.
In order to deliver a more convenient map editing environment, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 features a wide variety of new editing tools such as Segment Deflection, Finish Square Sketch, Direction-Distance tool, Distance-Distance tool, Reshape Feature, parallel, Split at Vertex tool, Generalize Tool, Smooth Tool, etc. All the tools are designed to improve users’ editing efficiency.
Meanwhile, the company announced that the Department of Geography and Urban Planning, UAE University, selected SuperGIS Desktop and GIS Learning CD for its GIS teaching.
Source: SuperGeo – Link1 & Link2