SuperGeo releases Mobile Tour 3

SuperGeo releases Mobile Tour 3


Taiwan: SuperGeo has released SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3. It is a mobile GIS application designed for outdoor mobile guide. The management application built in SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 provides administrators with a friendly manipulation interface and management procedure. Therefore, administrators can create and update the guide contents easily to improve the usability of the guide contents. In addition, the feature of easy deployment allows administrators to deploy the tour guide system to large quantities of mobile devices rapidly by SD cards or USB cables to greatly save the time for system installation.

There will be two types of license for SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3, developer license and deployment license. Developer License contains the management application of SuperGIS Mobile Tour and SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager comes under deployment license.

Earlier, SuperGeo also announced that GNX Technologies will represent SuperGeo in Singapore. It would be the 4th company newly recruited as SuperGeo’s overseas reseller in 2010.

Source: SuperGeo