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SuperGeo releases Cadastral GIS app for Taiwan

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies launched Cadastral GIS application in Taiwan. Integrating GIS, GPS, and RS technologies, Cadastral GIS is a set of mobile GIS application based on SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3 (the mobile GIS SDK of SuperGeo). Cadastral GIS is able to help field surveyors with cadastral positioning with various mobile devices and related handheld equipments.

Cadastral GIS uses SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3 as the operation core of the system. Even in the PDA environment, Cadastral GIS is still capable of searching the correct position information from more than 400,000 records of cadastral data.  

Meanwhile, the company introduced its new reseller in Japan, Information & Science Techno–System Co. (ISTS). ISTS offers image processing, remote sensing service, consulting and development services of information systems, database server, network server, etc. in Japanese market.

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