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SuperGeo provides GIS training to Kuwait Ministry of Public Works

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies arranged GIS training lectures for Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and Kuwait Ministry of Public Works (MPW). They were invited by Institute for Information Industry (III), the organisation supporting the development of the local information technology industry, to learn the GIS development and innovations in Taiwan.

Under the arrangement of III, the party visited several government units, research institutes, telecommunication and GIS consultant engineering firms, to have a deep understanding of how the governmental departments and private enterprises grow their businesses by applying GIS technology to a wide variety of applications which focus on GIS system development, pipeline management, and transportation control.

As part of the training program, SuperGeo arranged professional courses for geospatial knowledge, manipulation of GIS techniques, and various applications for desktop GIS, analyst extensions, server GIS, and mobile GIS for Android and Window Mobile. The officials learned how to utilise GIS technologies to support their daily tasks effectively.

SuperGeo team also introduced the successful GIS applications in Taiwan such as Real-time traffic information system, Emergency Response System for nuclear plants, Enterprise GIS Platform for Telecom, etc. With years of innovation and development experiences in the global GIS market, SuperGeo is the reliable GIS solution provider who can assist the local governmental units in Kuwait with infrastructure planning.

GIS Mobile Guide System on iOS platform
At another front, the company announced that it has joined the plan held by Development Center of United Technology, Ministry of Education in Taiwan to develop a local mobile guide system app, “Yilan Yuanshan Trip” for iPhone users.

To cooperate with the development of tourism in Yuanshan Recreational Agriculture Area, the system integrates the digital guidance information of several areas, Zhenshan, Dahudi, and Hengshangto. The system is established to achieve the target of promoting the agriculture development in Yuanshan Township, Yilan. The system is also regarded as the key value and feature of the tourism in Yilan County.  

The mobile app, Yilan Yuanshan Trip, integrates not only GPS, e-compass, and augmented reality but also the GIS and LBS technologies which allow tourists to recognise the direction and distances of the scenic spot easily. Through accessing GPS functions, tourists can effortlessly obtain the information about their current location.

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