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SuperGeo products in land management and store site selection

Taiwan: SuperGeo presented the research and development of SuperGIS software products for land management during Geographic Information System and Land Management Seminar held by International Center for Land Policy Studies and Training (ICLPST). On the other hand, the company established Store Site Selection System, based-on SuperGIS Desktop to analyse the spatial data when choosing a new site. Buffer Analysis and Service Area Analysis are also applied to the further evaluation of suitable location and ideal customer shopping rate.

In recent years, the rapid development of chain stores has put each store in fierce competition. If a chain store is run at a wrong site where there are only a few target customers or there are too many stores providing similar services, it would waste time and money for the wrong investment. Using SuperGIS Desktop, Store Site Selection System not only helps store owners effectively select a suitable site, but save a bunch of money and resources doing field survey. In this case, SuperGIS Desktop assists users in recording the attribute data of existing stores in the survey area and displaying the positions of stores on the map.

In terms of analysis methods, Buffer and Service Area Analysis methods are applied in this case. Buffer is the method used to recognise and select the features located in or out of the area of buffer. Users can understand whether the selected sites are located in or out of the buffer zones of the existing stores to avoid the problem of overlapping customers. On the other hand, Service Area Analysis provides service area and service accessibility of each store by considering the route length and driving time to get the most complete and precise analysis results.

In another context, the company announced that SuperPad 3 supports to create Quick Project to help field surveyors to rapidly create map projects in a simple process. Quick Project is the function to assist users in immediately creating map projects; moreover, the function also enables users to simultaneously add multiple vector layers, point, line and polygon layers in a simple and efficient creation process.

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