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SuperGeo products aiding surveying and tourism

Taiwan: NAVAIDS, an Australian survey company, selected SuperPad 3– a mobile GIS software, for the professional project services. According to SuperGeo’s press statement, after the recommendation of Cody Corp., SuperPad’s distributor in Australia, NAVAIDS successfully integrated SuperPad 3 with its various GPS data collectors for field tasks. It was used to accomplish spatial data editing, colleting, measuring, updating, etc.

Moreover, the company claimed that its recently released SuperPad 3.0a improves the integration with SuperGIS Server 3, supports creating graphics layer, laser rangefinder extension and reading cached map for swift map display.

About SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0 (for Android), the company informed that it has been successfully applied as a guidance service application in the industry-academy cooperation hosted by the Great Roots Forestry SPA Resort and Chihlee Institute of Technology in Taiwan.

SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0, the mobile GIS application specially designed for outdoor mobile guidance, combines GPS, GIS and AR technologies. With the management tool—SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager, users can create unlimited number of tour project file (*.smt). Through the management and combination of scenic attraction and route info, users are able to design different thematic guide services with rich contents such as text introduction, video, voice and pictures.

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