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SuperGeo product for load balancing

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies has made two announcements. First announcement is support of load balancers by SuperGIS Server 3, to help enterprises, in establish load balancing mechanism. Another announcement is coming from Malaysia where Ministry of Housing and Local Government (MHLG) in Malaysia has selected SuperPad 3.

SuperGIS Server 3

SuperGIS Server 3, designed by SuperGeo, is a set of map server software enabling enterprises to create, manage and integrate diversified GIS services in the centralised server architecture.

In computer network, Load Balancing is a technique that equally distributes workload to two or more servers to avoid Web service failure caused by the single server bug, maintenance suspension, operating system upgrade and system change. In addition, this system can endlessly provide Web services to optimise the resource use, maximise productivity, minimise Web response time and prevent Web overload.

The company claims that SuperGIS Server 3 supports to collaborate with all load balancers in the market to assist enterprises in building up the load balancing mechanism meeting enterprises needs.

SuperPad 3
After testing SuperPad 3, the full-function mobile GIS software, MHLG concluded that SuperPad 3 will boost the work efficiency of its dispatched personnel, enabling them to swiftly update information to the headquarters when carrying out field investigation, data collection, measurement, etc.

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